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Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
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Club Charter

FORMATION  21st March 1974


In 1974, the Lions Club of Whyalla investigated the possibility of forming a second Lions Club in the City of Whyalla.

Lion George Sloan, the clubs extension officer called a meeting with this aim on the 21st of March 1974. This meeting was successful with Lion Bill Marsh the Club President chairing the meeting. After a great deal of discussion the name Whyalla Mount Laura was accepted as the name for the new club.

An election was held for the position of President with three candidates for that office. The successful candidate was Lion Frank Schultz, Lion John McKenzie was then elected to the office of Secretary and Lion John Laube became Treasurer.

Both the sponsoring Club, Whyalla, and the new Club, Whyalla Mount Laura, progressed from this point to arrange a larger membership and the Charter Presentation night which was then planned for the 22nd of June 1974 at the South Whyalla Football Clubrooms. A membership of 31 was achieved by that date.

 CHARTER MEMBERS  22nd June 1974 

Formation Date 21st March 1974 Number Inducted 31
Charter Date 22nd June 1974 Sponsor Club LC Whyalla
Charter Meeting Held at South Whyalla Football Club Charter Presented by DG Frank Rogers

John W.McKenzie


Frank Schultz


John C.Laube

1st Vice President
Jack Robertson
2nd Vice President
Tom Derham
3rd Vice President
John McKenzie
Gordon Prosser
John McKenzie
Barry N Washington
Lion Tamer
David Leschke
Tail Twister
Graham J S Derry
Peter Biddell John Bradbury Max Colgan James T.Dawson
Victor V.Denton Tom Derham Graham S.J.Derry Leith Gale
Benny Gatto Dudley B.Kaine Dik Karssen David P.J.Lawler
David J.Leschke John M.McKeough John W.Moore Brian T.Oates
George R.Pike Owen J.Porter Gordon J.Prosser Kenneth W.Rasmus
Artur W.Roberts John D.Robertson Vincent D.Robson Bernard V.Rooney
Frank Schaedler Barry C.Spry Barry N.Washington Mervyn Zimmerman

1974 - 1975.  
President Frank Schultz - Secretary John McKenzie - Treasurer John Laube.


Under the Chairmanship of Lion Frank Schultz, the Club began to establish itself as an active service Club. With guidance and assistance from their sponsoring Club and particularly Lions Davey Orr and Harry Noble the Club launched into community projects.

A road safety programme was launched with headlight testing of cars, and in conjunction with the Whyalla Club, Glaucoma testing was conducted. The Club supported the Multiple District Christmas Cake project.

Cyclone Tracey saw Lions all over Australia involved in giving assistance and Whyalla Mount Laura became involved in collection of donations and aiding travellers as they passed through Port Augusta. Many pensioners yards were cleaned and tidied. A cabaret conducted by the Whyalla Players helped the Club raise funds towards their community work.

At the Changeover on June 25th 1975 the Club had 32 members and had given 265 hours of community work.

1975 - 1976.  
President John McKenzie - Secretary Alan Gloyn 
- Treasurer David Leschke

Lion John Mckenzie assumed the position of President in the second year, and led the young Club into a year that saw it increase in membership and activities.

The Whyalla Players again gave the Club their charity payers cabaret which raised $600.00 for the Speech and Hearing Centre in Whyalla. A start was made on the repair of the diving jetty on the Foreshore. 100 dozen Christmas cakes were ordered and sold. It was decided that the Club should submit an entry into the Christmas Pageant, so the first Batmobile ( an old station wagon cut down and remodelled ) was created. The Club was awarded a trophy for this float. A regional Ball was held in the Whyalla Institute and Clubs from Eyre Peninsula were invited to attend.

The year ended with a membership of 40 and the Club had accomplished 846 hours of service.

1976 - 1977.  
President Alan Gloyn
- Secretary Ivan Yeend - Treasurer P.Joseph

Lion Alan Gloyn took on the role of President for the Club's third year.

In conjunction with the Whyalla Club under the Chairmanship of Lion Bob Rowell the Club's raised $10.907.00 to purchase an EmCare Ambulance for the local St.John Ambulance Brigade. A large number of projects, both combined and individual Club efforts saw the required amount raised in the year and the ambulance handed over to St.John. During the year Lion Gordon Prosser and Lion John Bradbury decided the Club should purchase a deep fryer as a fund raiser. One was available and Lion Gordon paid a $50.00 deposit on the machine which had a price of $400.00. The Club was not easily convinced that this was a good investment but ratified the action of the two Lions, this was the birth of our Chip Van.

The jetty commenced in the previous year was completed and dedicated to the late Max Colgan, who had passed away during the year. Copper House Court was cleaned up ( the yard ) and this was a continuing project for some time. The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in August and has been active in assisting the Club.

Despite reaching a membership of 47 during the year, it ended with 41 having completed 2691 hours of service.

1977 - 1978.  
President Gordon Prosser
- Secretary G.Watson - Treasurer T.Cunningham

Lion Gordon Prosser led the Club into it's fourth year and despite a very busy year with the Miss Personality Quest which the Club had entered for the first time, visits were made to all Clubs in our Zone.

The Club hosted a Youth Exchange student from Japan. A beach cleanup was conducted early in the year, then work at Copper House Court and smaller jobs for pensioners etc. A attempt to start a new Club at Iron Knob / Iron Baron was Unsuccessful. The Christmas party at Nonowie Station proved to be a great success, as was the caravan family weekend at Melrose.

The Ladies Auxiliary organised many events, including the provision of supper for the Whyalla Players Cabaret to assist the Miss Personality entrant, Belinda Higgins. Total raised for our entrant was $10.080.00 of which $8.650.00 was donated to the Quest and $1.430.00 to the Whyalla Sheltered Workshop.

At the Changeover which for the first time was combined with the Whyalla Club, our membership stood at 42, and the year had seen 2500 hours of community service given.

1978 - 1979.  
President Jim Worby - Secretary G.Watson - Treasurer - G.Webber

Lion Jim Worby assumed the office for 1978-1979, and the Club sponsored Police Action lectures at the Whyalla High School.

A joint stall was held at the Whyalla Show which saw the Chip Machine in it's first large action, raising $400.00. The Club assisted with the Whyalla games, manning the gates and supplying a stall. Once again we manned the Speedway gates, entered a float in the Christmas Pageant and conducted a Glaucoma and Hypertension screening. Our entrant in the Miss Personality Quest was Miss Anne Perry and we raised $5438.00 for this project. The purchased a garage which was transported to the Service Clubs block in Cook Street. McRitchie Kindergarten requested help and the Club erected a fence to help keep young children from roaming onto the road.

Despite a large turnover of members, the Club finished the year with 41 members, having completed 1872 hours of service.


1979 - 1980.  
President Ivan Yeend - Secretary G.Watson - Treasurer G.Webber

Ivan Yeend's year as President saw 45 projects completed and in excess of $13.600.00 being raised.

The main project for the year was the replacement of the R.D.N.S. car. The changeover cost was $3.000.00 and this was achieved with the help of the Ladies Auxiliary. The Club sponsored two young girls in a ride - a - thon to Port Lincoln which saw a donation of $1.000.00 to the Whyalla Speech and Hearing Centre. The Clubs Chip Machine was also active, with 450 hours being spent to raise $3.237.00. Christmas cakes were again purchased, with over 50 dozen all sold.

The Ladies Auxiliary presented a Croupette Machine to the children's ward of the Whyalla Hospital. In conjunction with Copper House Court the Club again had the opportunity to receive funds from the Whyalla Players Cabaret and $1.170.00 went to Copper House Court.

Several smaller projects were successfully completed, including support for an Anti-Cancer lecturer, toys being repaired for Child Care Centre and manning the doors for the St.John's Ball.

1980 - 1981.  
President Alan Chirgwin - Secretary Frank Schultz - Treasure Geoff Fuller

The Lions year 1980 - 1981 saw Lion Alan Chirgwin leading the Club. and in this year it was decided that the Chip Machine should be housed in a caravan.

With a membership of 33, there were at times 33 methods of laying out the equipment in the van. After many hours of planning and debating our first Chip Van was a reality. No more carting our portable shed and the deep fryer by trailer, we were now mobile.

Other projects were the cleaning up of the Road Safety centre, repairing toys, conducting a Glaucoma - Hypertension Screening, cooking the Bar-B-Q and Hot Chips at the Hospital Fete, repairs to a pensioner hot water service, manning the Speedway gates and cutting lawns and clearing yards for the elderly.

Lion Alan Gloyn was appointed Zone Chairman.

Despite many losses in members, our membership was 33 at the end of this Lions Year.

1981 - 1982.  
President Ron King - Secretary Ivan Yeend - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

Lion Ron King took over as President in what would be the year of the "STEEL CITY CONVENTION"

The Club hosted a successful Convention for our District. Approximately 500 Lions from our District attended, and all members were involved in the preparation and presentation of a successful project.

The Chip van again was a major fundraising project with quite a few schools receiving donations. Speedway gates, Lion Mints and Christmas cakes also added to our funds. Our Miss Personality entrant Miss Jenny Callaghan worked tirelessly and was the highest country entrant in fundraising.

Mowing of lawns and garden maintenance for the elderly were again to the fore. Toy repairs for the Child Minding Centre, painting Mount Laura Homestead, the decorations at Westland, making support chairs, painting Ladies Shed and a bottle collection were some of our other projects.

Membership increased to 35 this year.

1982 - 1983.  
President John McKeough
- Secretary Alan Gloyn - Treasurer D.Davey

John McKeough described his year as successful even in the face of "The present economic climate and employment situation".

Members worked in excess of 1500 hours on various projects throughout the year. Some of these included renovating a caravan to be used by the Lions Ladies, dismantling and transporting the old kitchen block from Point Lowly Lions Camp to the Cook Street block, manning drink stalls for the Whyalla Fun Run and the bar for Jaycees Conference, constructing a Pageant Float and working at the Hospital Fete.

Lions Ladies raised over $1.200.00 during the year and this was donated to Yeltana Copper House Court and AIM for Independence.

Membership suffered during the year, due to many transfers and various other reasons.

The Club finished the year with 28 members.

1983 - 1984.  
President Dennis Hand - Secretary B.McGee - Treasurer John McKeough

Our tenth Anniversary year saw the Club still very busy under the Presidency of Lion Dennis Hand. With a membership of 28 the Club remained very active and planned to celebrate our 10th Anniversary on the 19th may 1984. This proved to be a successful night, with nine of our Charter members attending.

The Club began the first "Journey for Sight" in Australia with a ride by local cyclist from Ceduna to Whyalla. As District Chairman for Sight, Alan Gloyn organised the Club to carry out this project which raised $3.000.00 for this first attempt.

A Glaucoma screening was again conducted, assistance was given by Cooinda Kindergarten. Speedway Gates were again manned, Lion Mints continued to raise funds, as did Christmas Cakes and our Hotel Raffle under Barry Spry.

The Club donated $8.921.00 to the Yeltana Nursing Home Appeal.


1984 - 1985.  
President Dik Karssen - Secretary Brian Sawtell
 - Treasurer John McKeough

Lion Keith Bishop handled the Christmas Cakes and Lion Mints for Lion Dik Karssen in his year as President, netting $1.540.00 for the Club.

A "Hungi" conducted at Nonowie was well attended as well as being a social event it raised $803.00. A picnic was arranged for the Senior Citizens with a Bar-B-Q and picnic at Nonowie. Many pensioners saw sheep shearing for the first time.

Official visits were made to Whyalla, Kimba and Woomera.

Journey for Sight was again conducted and increased in size this year having riders come from Port Lincoln - Ceduna - Leigh Creek and Woomera, this again proved to be a success raising $16.577.00 for the Lions Save Sight Foundation. An unsuccessful attempt was made to twin with the Lions Club of Texas City Noon.

We lost 7 members and gained 6, leaving a total of 26 members. Hours worked 1457, Funds raised $25.134.00

1985 - 1986.  
President Ross Simms
- Secretary John McKenzie - Treasurer John McKeough

Lion Ross Sims in his report stated "Ups and Downs" but the Ups far outweighed the Downs.

We conducted a Bike registration and registered 700 bikes. The first Wheel barrow race from Iron Knob to Whyalla was conducted.

The Club formed and Chartered a Leo Club of Whyalla Mount Laura.

Our entrant in Youth of the Year, Dianne, was a good ambassadress for Whyalla and went on to reach the State Youth of the Year Final. The Chip Van raised money again and $3.584.00 was donated to local schools from this project, Operation NOAH was again supported and proved successful. The Food and Wine Fair netted $390.00 from the unusual task of picking up the rubbish (empty cans) this paid for a decoder for deaf students. The hiring of our Bar-B-Q by Lion Gordon Prosser raised $252.00.

The Ladies Auxiliary continued to assist the Club and acting as waitresses at the St. John luncheon, allowed the St. John workers to enjoy their luncheon undisturbed. Their lamingtons at the Whyalla Show proved to be a success ( pity they sold 1100 prior to the event and had to make more )

Journey for Sight was again conducted with great success, the total raised for save Sight over a three year period, being $40.000.00

1986 - 1987.  
President Barry Hocking
- Secretary B.Snape - Treasurer Jeff Applebee

President Barry Hocking had this year start in a truly International way, with the arrival of our Exchange student Chrys Williams, Arkansas. U.S.A.

Barry spoke on behalf of the Club's nomination of Alan Gloyn for District Governor, and the bid for this office proved to be successful.

This year we did many of the things we have done each year, the Speedway gates, the Decorations at Westlands. Our Wheelbarrow Race saw us now owning 12 wheelbarrows, thanks to generous donations from the businesses of Whyalla.

We spent much time and money on the Special School, Long Street Playground, Triathlon, Copper House Court gardens and Auction, Whyalla Kindergartens through Fantasia, our local Food and Wine Fair by manning stalls and collecting rubbish, Army and Air cadets and the Local Boys Club.

We improved our bicycle registration certificate and undertook a new programme " IDENTIKID " 276 children were processed in this project.

Membership is still a problem with only 27 members at the close of the year.

1987 - 1988.  
President Ron King - Secretary Tom Schinks - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

Lion Ron King accepted the office of President for the second time and led the Club through a busy year despite the pressures of his own business.

The successful Wheelbarrow Race raised $1.100.00 which was donated to D.P.I., towards the cost of a new car for that organisation. Time was also spent at Copper House Court and the sarlon over the Pergola area replaced.

The Club initiated the First Neighbourhood Watch programme in the Whyalla Stuart area, a great deal of the ground work having been done by Lion Barry Hocking. Our usual fundraisers were continued and this year saw the addition of manning the Bar at the Football on Memorial Oval.

Our replacement Van for the Chip machine was completed in time for the Whyalla Show and had the addition of a Doughnut Machine which proved to be popular and profitable.

On the social side we once again won the Bowls trophy against the Whyalla Club.

1988 - 1989.  
President Geoff Fuller - Secretary Barry Hocking
- Treasurer David Dalzell

With a low membership of 23, Lion Geoff Fuller began a year which proved to be busy, but without a great deal of success in attracting new members.

Despite the low numbers the Club amassed 3003 hours and raised $31.143.00, during his year as President.

The year commenced with the Ring of Fire Bi-Centennial event then onto a project "Operation Expo" initiated by Lion Bill Moran in which the Club undertook to send children to see the "Expo" in Queensland. This proved to be a very rewarding project and the children were entertained at a Lions meeting on their return.

The Club supported the appeal to bring a speaker from Southern Cross Homes to speak at a meeting attended by Rotarians, Knights of the Southern Cross, Apex and other community organisations.

The Club assisted with the Pioneer Day at Ada Ryan gardens. The visit of the Police band saw the Club involved in the clean up of the old single mens quarters to house the band. Another Neighbourhood Watch programme was launched.

The Club finished the year with 24 members.

1989 - 1990.  
President Bryan Carpenter - Secretary Kym Gehan - Treasurer David Dalzell

This our fifteenth year of Lionism was busy and most rewarding under the Presidency of Lion Bryan Carpenter. The Club has been active and the membership has grown to 30.

In the month of July, a new Neighbourhood Watch was launched, planning for the Fauna Park Pergola commenced and a Drug Awareness public meeting was convened.

Pergola project continued, Christmas cakes were ordered and assistance given at the Hockey fete, also 40 chairs purchased and painted. The Chip van was very active raising large amounts for local schools.

The Fauna park pergola completed and handed over to the City, total costs were $55.762.00 and 430 hours of service. The Club decided to resurrect the Batmobile for the Christmas Pageant and it proved once again to be a popular float. The Club was again involved in the Australia Day Celebrations, letter boxes for the aged people living in Menard Street were erected for the S.A.H.T.. also $500.00 was donated to the Newcastle Earthquake Appeal. The Club financed a trip to Wadlata for residents of Copper House Court.

The Chip Van attended the Jazz at Red Rock and whilst the coffee sold by Lions Lady Agnes proved as popular as our doughnuts, we managed to donate $1.000.00 to Yeltana from this project.


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