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Club Charter

2008 -2009.  
President Len Clapp - Secretary Brian Marshall - Treasurer Graeme Lowe

Thank you for the privilege in being your President for the past year, which I enjoyed immensely. I am pleased that I finally made the commitment to undertake the position having avoided the challenge for many years.

Our club has been very active over the last 12 months and have totalled up 3,687 hours of service to our community.

Organisations who have received monetary assistance are wide and varied. In all some $24000 has been donated to 26 organisations.

Assistance has been given to print Autism booklets for the local community,  a wheelchair & a Dialysis chair have been purchased for local citizens.

Our involvement with the Blue Light Disco on a regular basis is an ongoing commitment by our club to the youth of our community.

BBQ’s at Bob’s have also generated good funds, & we thank Manager Tim Curwood for the opportunity.

Our Christmas cake sales were again a highlight, where we took Father Christmas down the majority of Whyalla Streets & gave away sweets to the children. Our thanks to Venturers, Air force Cadets, & St John’s Cadets, for their assistance with this project.

The Whyalla Gift Foundation also helped many of our youth during the year & continues to be a worthwhile project of our club.

Delivery of telephone books, Westland Christmas decorations, Carols in the Park & the Whyalla Show were all well supported by our members.

During the year we upgraded our cooking equipment at the Dutch Shed, & we have also carried out maintenance & painting of our building.

This was completed in time for one of the most challenging projects undertaken, helping to cater for the Motor home & Campervan Show. We all certainly now know how to cook fish & chips & calamari, thanks to all of you who helped in the Dutch shed that week. It was a sight to see 730 Motor homes & campervans filling the Whyalla Showgrounds.

The Snapper fishing Competition which is held over Easter weekend was its usual success, many thanks to those members who gave up their time over the Easter weekend.

Finally, thank you to all members who have contributed over the year especially Lion Brian Marshall as Secretary, Lion Graeme Lowe as Treasurer, Lions Lady Lyn Risborg as Bulletin editor, and Lion Don Van Weezep for ours and all the other websites to do with Lions

Some Donations of note that I would like to mention are:

Whyalla Gift Carnival

$ 1100

Sponsorship Whyalla Aged care

$ 2149

Landscaping & Labour
Dialysis Chair

$   550

Private Citizen Whyalla Hockey Association

$  250

Whyalla Netball Association

$  600

  Whyalla Football League

$ 1000

Edward John Eyre High School

$  225

  Carols in the Park

$  810

Whyalla Venturers

$  601

  Whyalla Air Force Cadets

$  524

Whyalla St John Ambulance Cadets

$  285


$ 2700

Fishy Fringe Sponsorship
Samaritan College

$ 1200

  Wheelchair Purchase

$  699

Private Citizen
Autism Booklets

$  650

Uni SA Project F Scan Appeal

$ 2000

Whyalla Gift Foundation

$ 5160

Whyalla Sporting Youth Victorian Bushfire and

$ 5000

Australian Lions Foundation
      Queensland Floods    
  Activities Account  Administration Account
Balance as at 1st June 2008 $ 11,801.55 $   8,281.74
Income for year $ 82,398.54 $ 17,521.48
Outgoing for year $ 83,907.55 $ 22,503.52
Balance as at 31st May 2009 $ 11,294.65 $   3,299.70

I wish Tony Treasure all the best for the coming Year & offer him my support.

 Yours in Lionism    President 2008/9 Len Clapp.


2009 - 2010

President Tony Treasure  -  Secretary Michael Nolan  -  Treasurer Graeme Lowe

The past year has been quite an experience for me and I have enjoyed the honor of being president.

Members have taken great delight in reminding of my height and the color of my socks. By the way, I am wearing odd coloured socks tonight Pappsy and have brought my stool so you can see me above the lectern.

Being President has for the first time given me the understanding of actually of what we undertake and achieve in a 12 month period. Reflecting over the year I am amazed at the total hours worked, the assistance given to others, sponsorship of community activities and the wide and varied donations we have made.

From selling Christmas Cakes and taking Father Christmas down every street with sweets to a roadside cleanup on the Lincoln Highway we have done it all.

Social get togethers have been held at Carpy's Cubby this year and have proved a popular change with the members when they can sample their own cooking for a change.

Our Major Activities during the year were:-

Bottle Drives Blue Light Committee and Discos
Bobs Barbecue Carols in the park with Whyalla Lions
Whyalla Gift Foundation Whyalla Show

Whyalla Gift & Food & Wine Fair Hockey, Netball and Football Finals

Whyalla Heart Kids Hospital Fete
Relay for Life Expo for Disables
Westland Christmas Decorations Samaritan College Barbecue
Whyalla Pageant Float Pageant Catering
Plaza Street Party Youth of the Year

Australia Day Catering Little Athletics Regional Carnival
Telephone Book Delivery Whyalla Speedway
Snapper Competition Fishy Fringe
Small all Day out Long Track Speedway

Special Olympics Interleague Football
KESAB Girl Guides

This list clearly shows that members have been very active and all together have committed some 4,134 hrs to the community over the 12 months this equates to in excess of three hrs community work per week for every member of our club for the entire year.

A magnificent effort raising a gross income in excess of $63,000.

Major Donations of Finances were:-

Lions Cord Blood


  Smile Appeal


Lions Spinal Cord


  Lions Eye Health


Hospital Quilt Donation


  Blue Light Committee


Whyalla Heart Kids


  Relay for Life


Little Athletics


  Whyalla Gift Sponsorship


Fishy Fringe Sponsor


  Prostate Cancer Awareness


Lions Drug Awareness


  Junior Diabetes


Netball Association


  Basketball Association


Football League


  Carols in the Park




  St Johns  Ambulance Cadets


Lions Quest


  Moldenhauer/White Appeal


Special Olympics


  Whyalla Gift Foundation




  Girl Guides




  Haiti Earthquake Appeal


Grand Total  -  $30,598

The Whyalla Gift Foundation during the year has helped individuals and teams involved in Soccer, Hockey, Boxing, indoor Soccer, Basketball, eight ball Cycling, Model Aircraft, Netball, Judo and Football, with two Whyalla Sportsmen participating in Hungary and England.

Well done to all and thank you to all members for their support and commitment over the year. Best Wishes to Michael, our incoming President for the next 12 months and I am sure that he will find it a rewarding experience.

The support given to members and various projects by our wives and family members has been excellent and we really appreciate their tolerance and additional hands at larger functions.

Supply of Power generation from Roger Byrne at Coates Hire is an enormous help to us and maximizes our donations to local charities.

Finally a special thank you to all who have assisted this year and given me an experience I will never forget.

Tony Treasure

   ABN 98 749 533 210      

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