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  Australia, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island  
Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
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Club History  -   2010 - 2012
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Club Charter

2010 -2011.  
President Michael Nolan - Secretary PDG Jim Hewitson 
- Treasurer Graeme Lowe

 As out going President I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the year, it was really appreciated.

This year has been very rewarding for both Karen and myself, we both attended our first Convention which we both enjoyed, and I must say it was an eye opener in many ways.
Thanks to Jim and Aileen and Don for their support and company during that weekend, it was much appreciated.

During the year we have visited three different club's the Port Augusta Change over, Quorn's 30 year celebration, and the Kimba Change over, our Club was well represented at all shows and a good time was had by everyone at each event.

At the beginning of my year as President my Project was to take on the extension of the Telecommunication Shed at the Mount Laura Homestead. I have found it a very challenging and at times frustrating. Hopefully in the next couple of months we can start to make a lot more head way.

Also at the homestead we have started to help prune all the roses apart from one particular rose bush which I was told came out with the First Fleet, how true this is I not sure but it helped by not having to prune one less rose!

As I am not one for prolonged reports and speeches just reiterating that I have enjoyed the honour of being your President for the past 12 months and wish Malcolm the very best and I am sure he will find you as supportive as you have been to me.

There is one person I have to thank for proof reading all my reports and altering them to make sense.

Thanks Karen for all your help and patience.

Michael Nolan
President 2010-2011


Major Projects:-

Christmas Cakes Monster Trucks Carols by Candlelight Whyalla Gift National Trust Planning
Whyalla Gift Foundation Snapper Fishing Championships Fishy Fringe Netball Finals Whyalla Football League
Hockey Blue Light Disco Lion Mints Aged Care Shed Removal Telephone Book Delivery
Australia Day & Pageant Relay for Life Kite Boarding Bobs Mitre 10 Whyalla Show
Jessop Park opening Youth of the Year      

Lion Mints

Lion Gordon Prosser has taken Lion Mints under his wing this year and we have now 13 venues carrying stock. Income since commencement $496 and growing steadily.

Donations Made:-

Operation Smile 250   SES 250
Blue Light Disco 530   Karate Club 80
Netball Association 985   MS Research 100
Lions Medical Research 250   Lions Cord Blood 250
Lions Spinal Cord 500   Lions Clubs International 1000
Fishy Fringe Sponsor 2000   Ronald McDonald House 500
Whyalla Calisthenics Group 436   Juvenile Diabetics 2166
St Johns Cadets 204   St Vinnies Christmas Appeal 300
Salvation Army Appeal 600   Meals on Wheels 200
St Johns 900   Whyalla Heart Kids 1000
Royal Flying Doctor 500   Lions Hearing Dogs 150
Australia Lions Flood Appeal 5000   Relay for Life 2429
Whyalla Gift Foundation 2750   Foodbank 690
Whyalla Football League 950   Whyalla Gift Sponsor 1100
ALDAF 100   Lions Quest 75

2011 - 2012
President Malcolm McLeod  -  Secretary Don Van Weezep  -  Treasurer Graeme Lowe

Welcome to our 2012 handover Dinner. What a fantastic year we have had, with just under 3000 voluntary hours worked in our community.

My goal approximately 12 months ago was to push up the membership and I set a goal of 35 members, well we got to 30 but one pulled out, so we are currently at 29 members, disappointing but still a healthy membership from different parts of our community.

Congratulations and once again welcome to those new lions in our club. Also congratulations and a personal thank you to all award winners this evening, 3000 hours would not have happened without some exceptional efforts from some members, on the following page you can see what we have raised and donated during the year.

Lions is like most things in life, it doesn’t just happen, some one has  to make it happen and you will only get out of Lions what you put into it.

Congratulations to all incoming board members, it is particularly rewarding to see new lions on the board for the first time. I wish Lion Michael Nolan all the best for the following year and I look forward to being again a part of Michaels executive.

Juggling a business with 25 employees, being involved in both West Whyalla Football Club and the Whyalla Football League as well as  being the club president is not always easy, however Don has made me look good all year dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s for me.

To my wife Kerryn, and children Lauren, Georgia and Braden as always have been very supportive and patient, so thank you.

Kind regards

Lion Malcolm Mcleod 

Our Major Activities during the year were: Major Donations:
ALCMF—1 Walker 1328 Aust Lions Foundation 1000
Emma Adams (Thailand) 500 Fishy Fringe 2000
JDRF 100 St Johns Cadets 330
St Teresa 300 St Vincent De Paul 700
Whyalla Calesthenics 503 Foodbank Whyalla 675
Lions Clubs Int: Found: 1042 Lions Hearing Dogs 300
Lions Visual Ind: Found: 1283 Whyalla Gift Carnival 2000
Whyalla Gift Foundation 3500 Whyalla Road Safety 680
BBQ’s  -  Samaritan  College Snapper Championships
BBQ  - Bob’s Mitre 10 Telephone Directories
Carols in the Park Westland  -  Xmas Decorations
Chip Van at various Functions WFL  -  Painting Logo’s
Removing/Erecting Shed Whyalla Gift Carnival
Jazz at Red Rock  -  2 occasions Whyalla Mt Laura Homestead
Lions Christmas Cakes Whyalla Road Safety Centre
Lions Marquee Whyalla Show  -  3 sites
Recycling Cans/Bottles HWE Youth of the Year

Received from CEG, donation of $1500 for our Youth of the Year project.

Club Activity from 1st July 2011  -  23rd May 2012

Raised  -  $65,337.00  -  Hours  2977

Club Donation from 1st July 2011  -  23rd May 2012

Donated  -  $21,615.00

Special thanks to Roger Byrne of Coates Hire for supply of Power Generator, and Tim Curwood of Bob’s Mitre 10 -  for allowing us to raise funds with our BBQ on a regular basis.

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