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Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
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Club Charter

1990 -1991.  
President Kym Gehan - Secretary Bryan Carpenter - Treasurer Geoff Fuller


Kym Gehan as President saw the 1990 - 1991 year an active and rewarding one for the Club. The Primate Cage at the Fauna Park saw many hours of work and the final handover to the City showed a great project completed.

The revival of the Whyalla Gift saw the Club take on a high profile and the long weekend in January 1991 saw an 100% Club involvement for the weekend to ensure the success of this project with a profit of $7.400.00.

Other projects for the year included Christmas Decorations at Westland, Trots Bar, Speedway gates and the demolition of a shack at Fitzgerald Bay.

1990 - 1991 also saw the completion of our involvement in Neighbourhood Watch with Whyalla being the first City in South Australia to be completely covered.

1991 - 1992. 
President David Dalzell
- Secretary Paul Wenham - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

As President in 1991 - 1992, David Dalzell saw the establishment of the Whyalla Gift Foundation to provide assistance to Whyalla residents selected to represent the City in Regional / State / National events. 15 sports persons representing 7 different sports were given financial assistance.

The Club organised the running of the second Whyalla Gift Carnival with success.

The Club's new shed in Cook Street has progressed giving the Club a 15 x 10 metre area for storage of it's equipment.

The Dingo Enclosure at the Fauna Park was completed and this project together with the Pergola and Primate Cage, make this Club a major contributor to the development of the Park.

Significant to note the Club raised $94.000.00 during this year with a closing membership of 29.

1992 - 1993.  
President Jim Hewitson
- Secretary Barry Hocking - Treasurer David Dalzell

Jim Hewitson as President in 1992 - 1993, had a year which saw the completion of our storage shed and at the opening night unveiled the name " Carpy's Cubby " in recognition of the number of hours spent by Lion Bryan Carpenter on it's construction.

The purchase of a shed located in the Showgrounds from the Dutch Club will prove a good investment a future shows in Whyalla.

The Club became involved once again in Youth of the Year.

The Whyalla Gift was again promoted by the Club with a turnover through it's books of some $70.000.00.

The Club has proved it's ability to promote such an event. The real reward from the Gift is the Foundation which assists sports people to pursue their chosen sport, and this makes it worthwhile.

3048 hours of community service by the Club shows an average of 100 hours per member.

1993 - 1994.  
President Don Berry - Secretary John Schrapel - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

The 1993 - 1994 year with Don Berry at the helm started with 31 members all of whom became involved at the Whyalla Show in either the "Chip van" or in the "Dutch Shed" we had purchased from the Dutch Club. A profit of $3.600.00 for the weekend saw our activities account boosted.

Another project which is appearing to become a permanent project was the painting of the Logo's on Bennett Oval for the Football Finals. This project whilst not a major one created a good image for our Club.

Eight Lions attended the District Convention in Coober Pedy.

The Chip van once again spent a busy year, raising in excess of $12.000.00.

The Club assisted with the visit of Tamworth on Parade and received $750.00 towards the Gift Foundation.

1994 - 1995. 
President John Schrapel - Secretary Don Van Weezep - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

The twenty first year of the Club saw many activities under the Chairmanship of Lion John Schrapel.

The Club hosted it's second District Convention ( Set to Roar in '94 ) with great success and at a profit.

Many activities were carried out with high percentage of Club members participating, 2892 hours were spent in service work, members raising $43.071.00 and authorised donations totalling $32.783.00

Sadly due to lack of support, the Whyalla Gift was cancelled and the Club was disappointed that such an event could not be maintained within Whyalla.

Christmas Cake sales grossed $14.671.00, whilst our Christmas Stocking raffle raised $2.500.00

Various schools received donations from the " Chip Van " activities, totalling $3.393.00


1995 - 1996.  
President Graham Papps - Secretary Don Van Weezep - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

Lion Graham Papps reported a shaky period in preparation for his year as President, as it appeared only a few desired to serve the Club on the Board. This was however resolved before the changeover.

The Club volunteered personal to man the marshalling of the Australian Snapper Fishing Championships, this project proved to be an excellent public relations exercise for the Club with approx: 265 hours being spent on this project.

The Club's delivery of the telephone books for half of Whyalla was a great successful fundraiser/social activity, netting the Club $1.550.00.
St. Johns Ambulance, appealed to the Club for assistance in purchasing a special stretcher for the volunteer division. The Club assisted with a stretcher for $2.860.00

Christmas Cakes were again a feature in our fundraising and our Sleigh in it's 6th year of operation with the assistance of the Girl Guides. Sales were again in excess of $14.500.00 with the Girl Guides being paid a donation of $1.500.00.

The Club also placed it's Web page on to the Internet ( April 96 )

Membership was 26 at the close of the year.

1996 - 1997.  
President Don Van Weezep - Secretary David Dalzell - Treasurer Geoff Fuller

Lion Don van Weezep led the Club into the year 1996 - 1997, and assumed a dual role, as he was also appointed Zone Chairman.

The hosting of 5 youths from Japan was one of the major highlights of the year and the Club had many records broken, including our Christmas cake record of 1963 cakes sold.

Our Youth of the Year was more successful this year, with our entrant Miss Suzanne Walton progressing to the State Finals.

The major project was the erection of the " Machinery Shed " at the Whyalla Mount Laura Homestead. This project was spread over two years with the planning and permits achieved in the previous year. The erection of the Shed took 500 hours, at a financial cost of $12.000.00.

The Club participated in the Walk for the Cure raising $1.850.00 towards the Diabetes Australia campaign.

Over 3000 hours in community work was accomplished, with a increase of membership to 28.

The Club awarded three James D Richardson Honour awards.

1997 - 1998.  
President Bryan Carpenter - Secretary Don Van Weezep - Treasurer Guy Dierickx

Lion Bryan carpenter took over the leadership of the Club for the second time in 1997 - 1998.

Membership growth was strong with the three for one drive being used, we completed the year with 33 members.

The Club combined with the Whyalla Club to celebrate 50 years of Lionism in Australia, with a dinner to raise funds and many hours spent selling raffle tickets, the proceeds of these were used to obtain a Motorised Scooter for Ben Castle a young Whyalla youth.

Other projects for the year included, conducting a Hungi, Christmas Stocking raffle, Gatekeepers for the Whyalla Football League, Youth of the Year, Christmas Decorations at Westland Shopping Centre, plus many other projects. A total of 2813 hours of community service.

Our annual donation to the Blanket Appeal was made through the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul of $300.00 to each organisation.

 1998 - 1999.  
President Fons Andriessen - Secretary Brian Marshall - Treasurer Eric Leopold

Lion Fons Andriessen took the chair in 1998 - 1999, with the Club in good condition and looking for a strong growth in membership.

With membership under Lion Jim Hewitson, a local approach was made to the subject with each member being urged to invite a guest to a set meeting. Almost 40 invitations were issued with a 100% response being obtained. Some were unable to attend, but enough interest was shown to either apologise or in the case of 25 guests, to accept the invitation. A normal meeting was held with no pressure applied to our visitors, but with an invitation to attend a social gathering for our next dinner meeting.  5 new members gained.

The Club decided to sell 1kg Christmas cakes to see how they would sell, it was felt that our method of selling, that is the Sleigh and door to door sales did not really lend itself to two sizes of Cakes. Sales were usual high, but the number of Cakes did not increase to account for the lesser profit margin but as usual all Cakes were cleared prior to Christmas.

Football and Speedway gates again proved a good fundraiser with the Chip Van being at Speedway meetings.

The Club is looking forward to hosting the year 2000 Convention next year and preparations are well in hand.

Our Club on the 1st September 1998, Twinned with the Lions Club of Bluffton Indiana, U.S.A., through the efforts of Lion Don van Weezep being in constant contact with Lion Paul Bender of Lions Club of Bluffton.

This year the Changeover was held on the 19th June 1999, as we also celebrated the 25th Charter Anniversary of the Club.

Life Membership was presented to Charter Member Gordon Prosser and a James D Richardson Honour Award presented to Don Van Weezep.


1999 - 2000.  
President Brian Marshall - Secretary Michael Nolan - Treasurer Eric Leopold

The year has given me the opportunity to get to know members better and to assist a number to further their potential. Some of my dreams were not fulfilled like the Marriage Chapel or the Shelter Shed at Point Lowly. Maybe we can do these projects later?

However the year was active with The Whyalla Show Chipvan and Dutch Shed both excellent sites with much fellowship, it was needed as we were stretched fairly thin. Refurbish the ladies van to the Best Hot Dog Van in town. W.F.L. Football gatekeeping and the Netball Grand Final catering. Painting the Chemotherapy room, Junior Soccer Carnival catering, LionNet Web page preparation and installation (Thanks Don).

Sleigh runs all over town and Iron Knob and lets not forget Cowell for fellowship and food. The Club received the recognition of MD 201 S2 with the Christmas Cake Incentive Award of $500.00. Well done Garry and Phil.

Seniors and Youth day, Kindy playday, and Hospital Fete catering, along with the Speedway gate and van. School Fetes, Christmas decorations, Cycling Club catering and the Stocking Raffle and a successful Christmas Dinner attended by my brother Keith and Bev. Thanks for making them welcome.

Proclamation Day followed while Lions Mints continued, Australia Day celebrations, ALDAF's Boswells Dilemma Drug Awareness programme for primary students, Youth of the Year both club and Region, "Taste of Whyalla Festival", Clean up Australia Day. Show N Shine, the Hungi and the Snapper Fishing Contest ramp assistance, saw Easter fly past. Then off to Perth for the Multiple District Convention (my first) for two of us.

Whyalla Counselling Service ramp and renovations, MtLaura Homestead wall cladding and the provision of refreshments at the Memorial Service for flight 904 was the completion of a busy year.

We must not forget the valuable contribution of Social events like the Admin night, Snooker night, Lawn Bowls social and Competition. We are the holders of the Max Easton Memorial Lawns Bowl Challenge trophy, also Observation Trials thanks to those who participated and did the preparations.

We welcomed Wayne Crompton and Grant Sharples into the world of Lionism and trust they enjoy their service with us.

I thank you for the honour to serve as your President for this 1999 - 2000 year and for all of the support freely given.

Brian Marshall

2000 - 2001. 
President Darryl Green - Secretary Gary Mitchell - Treasurer Bob Darling

It seems like only a short while ago that the year had just began, and now it is over.
Membership increased by two to 39 during the year, unfortunately loosing 4 members by the end of the year (37)

I enjoyed my position as President, confident in the fact that every one would perform to the best of their ability, when asked to do so.

What a year this has been, the committees performed extremely well within the loose guidelines that were there.

As a team we worked hard at many functions and used skills that are often not used as we rely on the fact that there is always somebody to do the work, hoping that it is anybody but us.
Seeing the members take on tasks that are new to them or that they have not done for awhile, is great, but watching them successfully complete them is so much better.

To thank each individual would take a lot of time, so I say to each and every one of you Thank You for the amount that we have accomplished.

Charter Member Gordon Prosser presented Graham Papps with a James D Richardson Honour Award at the Clubs Annual Handover.

Darryl Green


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