Lions Australia - MD 201 - District 201C1
  Australia, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island

  Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
- District 201 C1

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Club Members

The Formation of the Club was on the 21st March 1974, with the Charter Presentation on the 22nd June 1974, a membership of 31 was achieved by that date.  Presently the membership of the Club stands at 19, including (1)  Charter Member as at 19th July 2018.

Club Membership 18 as at 19th July 2018

Club New Members

Bryan Carpenter David Clapp Len Clapp John Drake Robin Forbes
Wayne Foran Geoff Fuller Mark Hale Ron King Graeme Lowe
Brian Marshall Grant McLeod Paul Oates Stephen Pearce Barry Spry
Stanley Sutton Tony Treasure Don Van Weezep    
  2018 - 2019 Club Positions  
Brian Marshall
Graeme Lowe
Mark Hale
  Past President
Graeme Lowe
Public Officer
Tony Treasure
Social Chairman
Barry Spry
Christmas Cakes
Lion Mints
Whyalla Mount Laura
Gift Foundation

Graeme Lowe
 Youth of the Year

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