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Club Charter

2001 - 2002
President Graeme Lowe - Secretary Don Van Weezep - Treasurer Bob Darling

I’d like to say I really wanted to be President last year - but I can’t!!.

Like most people I thought I was too busy with other activities (A new business to set up, family commitments etc ) to be able to devote enough time to the Lions Club. But I was proved wrong. I had a very fulfilling year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all the club members for your help and support over the past 12 months

We have such a vast collection of people from all walks of life and with the combined contribution from these members, there is so much that has been and still can be achieved.

I was very proud to have been president of the Lions club that arranged and ran an extremely successful district convention in October 2001 for approx 300 delegates and partners. It was also very satisfying to sign cheques to the value of $10,000 for the Anti Cancer Foundation to cover full refurbishment of a room at Seaview Lodge in Adelaide where country cancer patients and families can stay while receiving treatment. This is what Lions is all about.

Through an almost full club effort at the Whyalla Show last year we raised $2500 for the Whyalla Gift Foundation. Christmas saw the sleigh moving around Whyalla, Iron Knob and Cowell. Our club sold $17,000 worth of cakes with $3,400 profit being distributed to local sporting and other organisations who assisted us.

For a club of 37 members to rack up over 4100 service hours and have a turnover in excess of $83,000 is quite an achievement. It’s not all hard work though, we did manage 2 very successful interclub visits to Quorn and Cowell. The bus trips proved very educational to say the least!!!

Thanks again to all the members for their help and support over the past year and in particular to Secretary Don who was always there with the right information at the right time and usually before I even knew I needed it !!.

I wish incoming President Arne and his committee all the best for the coming year.

Graeme Lowe

2002 - 2003
President Arne Risborg - Secretary Brian Marshall - Treasurer Bob Darling

This year has gone very quickly and we have achieved a lot in that period.

The year began with exchange students, Hiromi & Megumi from Japan. They loved Whyalla and touring around, highlighted by a visit with then Mayor of Whyalla, John Smith, who presented them with some mementos of Whyalla.

Many members sorted, packaged and sent text books donated by Whyalla High School, to Lions Club of Port Moresby.

We attended a reception by the Premier's Department, at Middleback Theatre, to recognise volunteers in the community. August saw our District Governor, John Tayler, visit our Club. During this time. many of our members were busy preparing for the Whyalla Show, which was very successful, mainly to some very good organization by our chairman and support of our members.

We were also involved in the Taste of Whyalla, M.O.P.S. Fete, the Hospital Fete and our Lady's Fete, to name a few.

Sadly, Lion Brian Sawtell, a life member of our Club, passed away on 30th September 2002, he is sorely missed by everyone in the Club, and I'm sure, by all who knew him.

November saw the beginning of an unsettling period in the Club, when we had to find a new home for our meetings. We have moved to South Whyalla Football Clubrooms. We have restructured the Club - mainly in the role of the Board and redefined our role and purpose in the community.

We welcomed Dean Parish into our Club and have lost some members due to transfers, etc.

Lion Graeme Lowe agreed to take over the role as President of the Whyalla Gift Foundation, following Gordon Prosser's resignation. We take this opportunity to thank Lion Gordon for his excellent work over many years.

Late in 2002 and early 2003, we were very active with selling Christmas Cakes, Westland Christmas decorations, Christmas pageant, delivering Phone Books and Clean-up Australia Day.

The Youth of the Year project was well presented by Lion Shane Knevitt. The final was held at South Whyalla Football Club, with the winner being Michael Kranz.

Lion Don Van Weezep deserves a special mention for maintaining our Club Website, if you have not seen it, please take the time to have a look. Don's sites were awarded "The Golden Web Award" and deserves our congratulations.

Easter saw the Snapper Fishing Competition, the event was well organised and well supported by our members - a great fun event.

Significant Club fellowship visits were trips to Port Augusta and Kimba, some with combined service clubs. The social committee Chairman, Lion Len Clapp, is to be congratulated on his organizing and running these events.

During this year we have had assistance from a number of non-Lions and we should consider an appropriate way of showing our appreciation to them.

Arne Risborg

Charter Member Lion Gordon Prosser 
with his Melvin Jones Fellow

2003 - 2004
President Arne Risborg - Secretary Brian Marshall - Treasurer Bob Darling

Due to the changes proposed for the future direction of the Club, we invited seven groups from the community to present projects for our deliberation. We believed SA Ambulance Volunteers were the most deserving and the wheels were set in motion. Harvey Norman BBQ’s were a source of funding, however these ceased in late August. Chubby took the bit between his teeth and we were away. Great Auction with thanks to all members for helping. SAPOL was the next project to earn a Guernsey and many hours were spent assisting SAPOL and the youth of Whyalla to enjoy the BBQ’s. These activities prevented them from trashing the town during the holidays. Our relationship with the Police was enhanced by the opportunity to have members participate voluntarily in the SAPOL character checks to ensue we can assist at Blue Light functions. From this liaison and recommendation, Lion Dean coordinated the FAYS to send an “at risk” youth on a YMCA Kangaroo Island holiday experience. A great outcome, with the lad attending a meeting to report the success of the exercise. Good one Dean.

The Gift Foundation required a change in the leadership role with the resignation from the foundation of Chairman Gordon and Lowey took up the challenge.

The Aged Care BBQ shelter was next major project from the July meeting and Lions Dean and Bryan excelled with the result being the best waterfrontage BBQ site in Whyalla.

Roadwatch began with the “King of the Road” mustering the troops for regular forays along the Lincoln Highway. Thanked Bob. Of course we cannot let the Sleigh runs be overlooked with the crew led by Garry Walsh, again knocking on every door with the help of youth community groups.

Again the Westland Traders requested our expertise with decorations and at last we saw some new decorations being purchased.

Christmas proved too much for some of our members who decided a spell in hospital would be better than spending time in celebration. You sure had us worried for a while Ledge, but with much work you certainly proved to all that you are a fighter. God speed with the continuation of your health project, and see, Lion Brian did not say a word to him, he did it all himself, Congratulations.

We finished Christmas off by using our direct line to the North Pole as Santa visited the Apex Carols at very short notice.

Phone books again proved to be in the hottest part of the year, however all went well. The assistance given to a family in their special need to relocate was significant with the outcome to still be forthcoming when they move.

The regular events of Whyalla Show, catering, providing BBQ’s when required and assistance at school fetes continued.

We also managed visits to Pt Augusta, Kimba, Cowell and Whyalla.

Over the past two years the negatives were minimal with the major ones being the loss of some exceptional members and some lost opportunities with some youth activities.

The two years have flown with many memorable moments.

Thanks for the opportunity. President Arne Risborg


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