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Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
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Club History  -   2012 - 2014
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Club Charter

2012 - 2013
President Michael Nolan  -  Secretary Brian Marshall  -  Treasurer Mark Hale

Welcome to our 2013 handover Dinner.

At the end of every Presidents year we look back and reflect about what our club has achieved and the impact we have made to the community. As President I cannot take the credit for your achievements this year some of which include the pruning of the roses at the Mount Laura Homestead. The roses are starting to come back to their magnificent best. Also for those of us that went around and put the garden beds together this was a challenge in its self as to one house we went to no sooner was the garden bed assembled the young son thought this was his sand pit needless to say someone was not happy.

Members were active in many various activities during the year and our sponsorship of the Whyalla gift and the Fishy Fringe continued. Other activities continued such as Carols in the Park and the Whyalla Gift Foundation and we thank those involved with the administration of these two important community activities.

During the year we donated funds for the Flood Relief in Queensland and Tasmania and recently made a donation to International for the Disaster Relief following the Oklahoma typhoon in USA. This month the club approved funds to purchase an electronic blood pressure machine with oxygen saturation capability and two tympanic thermometers at an overall cost of $2812 for an up grade of medical equipment at Copperhouse Court.

I know at times we seem to be a bit stretched for time or short on manning our commitments but we have always got the job done and I will say with a great deal of professionalism as the list below will show.

As with any task there is some people you would like to thank personally, Brian thanks mate for doing and outstanding job as secretary you cease to amaze me and the members how well you do the job as well as the other committees you are involved in. Malcolm ( magic ) for the numerous times you have stepped in to run the meetings it is much appreciated. Jim as always someone I can go to for guidance and stability. Although I mention these people it is not to say I don’t thank you all for your support and friendship.

Reflecting on friendship although they have passed on let’s not forget Graham and Leon two very well liked and respected Lions and valued members of the community.

There is one more person I must thank and that’s my wife Karen who has had to put up with my how do I find spell check, is it saved, did it send, there is only one computer nerd in our house.

Paul to you and your new committee all the best enjoy have a successful year as I know you will.

Our Major Activities during the year were:

BBQ's - Samaritan College Snapper Championships BBQ - Bob's Mitre 10
Telephone Directories Carols in the Park Westland - Christmas Decorations
Chip Van at numerous Functions WFL Painting Logos Whyalla Gift Carnival
Whyalla Mount Laura Homestead Lions Christmas Cakes Whyalla Show - 3 sites
Recycling Cans/Bottles HWE Fishy Fringe Garden Maintenance for Pensioners
Relay for Life Cancer Council Blue Light Disco  

Donations Received:

Received from CEG, donation of $1500 for our Youth of the Year project.

LC Richmond $3000 for District Promotional Trailer

Whyalla City Council $150—Backyard Vegie Garden

Club Donation from 1st July 2012  -  4th June 2013

Donated  -  $19,020

Club Activity from 1st July 2012  -  4th June 2013

Raised  -  $69,105  -  Hours  2625

Australian Lions Foundation 250   Carols in the Park 1200
CREATE - Fishy Fringe 2000   District Bushfire Appeal 1000
Foodbank - SA Hampers 675   Heart Kids Whyalla 200
Juvenile Diabetes Research 500   LCIF Oklahoma Disaster 500
Lions Cancer Research 200   Lions Eye Health Program 200
Meals on Wheels (Cakes) 132   Relay for Life 3000
Royal Flying Doctor 200   Salvation Army 403
Salvation Army (Cakes) 750   Spinal Cord Fellowship 200
St Vincent De Paul (Cakes) 750   TuneInNotOut (BBQ) 400
Whyalla Gift Carnival 1000   Whyalla Gift Foundation 3000
Whyalla Netball 990   Whyalla Pink Spirits 250
WhyDal Calesthenics 569      

  2013 - 2014
President Paul Oates  -  Secretary Don Van Weezep  -  Treasurer Mark Hale

President's Report

A year has passed since I stood at the Whyalla Golf Club and accepted the role of President in the 40th year of this club. I didn't know at the time of nomination, that it was the 40th year and that I would be giving my report at the 40th Anniversary of our Charter.

I will not go down as the best President the Club as ever had as I probably didn't choose the right time to take on the role. Due to other commitments of work, Whyalla Hockey Association Board and a daughter heading off to University in Adelaide, my availability for meetings and events was only marginally above 50%, however saying that, it showed what a great resourceful club we have.

A resourceful machine that kicks in to gear when needed. To Brian Marshall and Jim Hewitson thanks for your assistance at the start. To Malcolm McLeod, thanks for lending me your ear to vent and/or bounce ideas off. To those who chaired meetings in my absence I thank you. To Secretary Don, I thank you for your assistance and dedication to this club during my term and over many years.

In 2013/14 the Lions Club of Whyalla Mount Laura worked 2950 man hours, raised $59,692 and donated $24,622 both locally, nationally and globally. Amount of $15,000 is carried over for our major local project, the extension of the Mount Laura Museum's Communication building. The Communication Building houses a great collection of communication equipment from the past and a lot more will be on display once the extension is completed.

Our club is proud of our commitment over the years and our relationship with the Mt Laura Homestead Museum which is a great but under utilised asset for the Whyalla Community.

I close by thanking everyone of our members for their help this year in achieving the results we have, whether you have put in an hour or 100 hours, you have all put in what you could. You should all be proud of what we achieve locally and what we assist in achieving for local, national and international communities.

I also take this moment to wish Incoming President Brian and his team an excellent 2014/2015.

President Paul Oates.

Our Major Activities during the year were:

BBQ's - Samaritan College Snapper Championships
BBQ's - Bob's Mitre 10 Telephone Directories
Carols in the Park Westland - Christmas Decorations
Chip Van at various functions WFL - Painting Logo's
Whyalla Gift Carnival Whyalla Mt Laura Homestead
Lions Christmas Cakes Whyalla Show - 3 sites
Recycling Cans/Bottles CREATE Fishy Fringe
Garden Maintenance for Pensioners Roof Extension - Carpys Cubby
Blue Light Disco  

Donations Received
Received from Australian Lions Foundation - Grant $1,400.00 for Medical Equipment for Copperhouse Court Hoste.

Club Donation from 1st July 2013 - 11th June 2014
- $24,622.00

Australian Lions Foundation 1000   Carols in the Park 1500
CREATE - Fishy Fringe 2000   Whyalla Football League 1000
Foodbank SA Hampsers 675   Black Dog Ride 400
Bryden Atkinson 500   LCIF - Disaters 2000
Carey Training - Paving 2165   Copperhouse Court Hostel 2840
Lions Children Cancer Research 350   Whyalla Gift Carnival 1000
Whyalla Netball 500   Lions Spinal Cord 200
Lions Hearing Dogs 250   TuneInNotOut - BBQ 400
South Whyalla FC 500   Whyalla Gift Foundation 2500
ALDAF 200   Whyalla Harness Racing 300
Lions Eye Health Program 248   Lions Medical Research Foundation 200
S.Carpenter 1000   St Vincent De Paul 942
Prosthetic Hand Project 1000   Lions Biggest BBQ 350

Club Activity from 1st July 2013 - 11th June 2014

Raised:   -   $59,692.00   -   Hours   2950

   ABN 98 749 533 210      

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