Lions Australia - MD 201 - District 201C1
  Australia, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island  
Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
- District 201 C1

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Some of the things we do - have done:-

BBQ at Uniting SA - Celebrating 100 years Click on Image to enlarge  

Clubs BBQ Trailer

Barry Spry, Len Clapp and Tony Treasure waiting
for BBQ to heat up.

Don Van Weezep, Barry Spry and Tony Treasure.

Brian Marshall, Tony Treasure, Don Van Weezep, Len Clapp and Barry Spry

Penny McCauly (ex Whyalla Girl) - Barry Spry

Tony Treasure, Barry Spry, Brian Marshall and
 Len Clapp
Erecting Xmas Decorations at Westland    

Stephen Pearce and Brian Marshall

Graeme Lowe, Ron King, Barry Spry Brian Marshall,
in Scissor Lift - Paul King and Len Clapp
Graeme Lowe, Brian Marshall, Stephen Pearce,
in Scissor Lift - Paul King and Len Clapp
Club Members - Service in Lions Recognition    

Robin Forbes - 8 year Service Award
9th November 1991

Brian Marshall - 28 year Service Award
13th November 1991

Stan Sutton - 9 year Service Award
24th November 2010

Tony Treasure - 26 year Service Award
24th November 1993

Bryan Carpenter - 35 year Sevice Award
28th November 1984

Ron King - 45 year Service Award
11th December 1974
APEX Pageant Fair    

John Drake, Brian Marshall, Stan Sutton, Stephen Pearce,
Len Clapp and David Clapp

David Clapp, Stan Sutton and Len Clapp.

David Clapp, Graeme Low, Brian Marshall (checking that it is secure) and Len Clapp

Len Clapp, Barry Spry, Graeme Lowe.
All setup and ready to go


Tony Treasure - smoko break

Len Clapp, Barry, Graeme Lowe and a customer

David Clapp, Tony Treasure, Len Clapp, Stephen Pearce,
Graeme Lowe and Geoff Fuller

Customers lining up to be served

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