Lions Australia - MD 201 - District 201C1
  Australia, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island  
Formation 21st March 1974 - Chartered 22nd June 1974 - Club No 029316
- District 201 C

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Cabinet Secretary Guideline 2012 Main.pdf 112 KBytes LCI Membership Application.pdf 922 KBytes
Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Manual.pdf 277 KBytes LCI_ServiceToolkit_FundraisingGuide_EN.pdf 510 KBytes
Club Chairperson EBook.pdf 1.770 KBytes MD201-Code of Conduct.pdf 1.690 KBytes
Club Membership EBook.pdf 2.230 KBytes MD201-Membership-Application2.pdf 226 KBytes
Club Officers Team Manual la15.pdf 553 KBytes MyLion how to Use.pdf 1.570 KBytes
Club President EBook.pdf 2.770 KBytes MyLion-how-to-Register.pdf 1.510 KBytes
Club Secretary EBook.pdf 2.670 KBytes MyLion_Leader_Action_Plan.pdf 468 KBytes
Club-Administration-Manual.pdf 2.950 KBytes MyLion-Quick Start.pdf 1.410 KBytes 
Complaint Handling Dispute.pdf 2.350 KBytes Standing Orders 2019 - 2020.pdf 88 KBytes
Constitution ByLaws Policy Minutes Sep 2014.pdf 246 KBytes Treasurers-Manual-2013.pdf 630 KBytes

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